No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Transitioning to a toddler bed.

It’s a nightmare for this mom!  Thoughts of transitioning to a toddler bed.

Welcome to the latest True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches a weekly blog series rooted in the comedy of raising toddlers!  Co-hosted by Melissa from Home on Deranged, written boy vs. girl style.  This week the boys are up to bat!

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The time may have come. I fear I will never sleep again. Little Henry at 22 months has shown great interest in his brothers “big boy bed”. So much so, that every night an hour before bedtime, he grabs his “monkey blanket” and turns on the sound projector and sits in his brothers bed. When it is bedtime he cries and points to the bed.

Transitioning to a toddler bed

AHHH you are thinking, he is ready, right? Not this kid.

First of all, I believe it is more he staking a claim to his brother’s bed.  Secondly he doesn’t fall asleep.  He waits for us to find him than he not so gracefully jumps, runs and rolls all over.

We easily switched Hayden at 18 months to a toddler bed, without event, until he was just over two.  Then after Henry was born, Hayden began his habit of walking to the couch (around 2 AM)  and sleeping there the remainder of the night. We have tried to stop it, but honestly Henry wasn’t sleeping through the night (til 9 months) and if we made Hayden go back to his bed he woke us screaming every two hours.  If we allowed him to sleep peacefully on the couch we all slept.  He wasn’t a kid that was wondering or getting in to trouble.  He was just sleeping.

Henry on the other hand is absolutely a kid that will wreak havoc, and quietly, while we sleep.  Coming to wake us, as Hayden did the first few nights transitioning to a toddler bed, will be last on his agenda.

Transitioning to toddler bed

In a perfect scenario, I would let the boys (who share a room)  maybe share a bed for a bit. Maybe this would give Hayden comfort and he would stay in his room and also help transition Henry.  However I think it is way more likely we wake to screams of the boys fighting over the couch that Hayden claimed two years ago and Henry is now wanting.

Note: Henry would win the battle.

We thought about using a baby gate to keep them both in the room, but again I promise Hayden will wake up the entire house with screaming fits (this I guarantee) every two hours. The baby gate would be for lil man’s safety, but older brother would definitely have issues.

I know I am the parent, I need to do what is best to help them both sleep soundly. However for Henry’s (and the house’s safety) I think a crib tent might be more appropriate in his scenario.  He might think he is ready for a “big boy” bed, but I think it is just too soon for him!

How/when did you handle your little one’s transitioning to a toddler bed?  Any tips/tricks/funny stories?

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    Ohhhhhh my. My son (first child) is 19 months old and we haven’t started the transition to a toddler bed yet. He’s a great sleeper and I’m afraid to change anything out of fear his great sleeping habits will be altered. But I know the time is coming.

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    No tips from me both my six and two year old have their own beds and don’t sleep in them. My six year has a toddler bed in his room. I plan on painting his room this month and putting up his twin bed. Hopefully, a new look will motivate him to sleep in his own room.
    Sonya recently posted…Express Extra 40% Off ClearanceMy Profile

  3. 15


    We switched our youngest(just turned 2) several months ago. She’s a monkey and would climb out…even on the lowest setting. She did GREAT at first…but has recently turned into a wanderer. She will end up in her siblings’ beds or on the floor or wherever! We brought the video monitor back out and watch her for a while. I bust in there as soon as she gets out of her bed and she gives up.:)
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    My son became a monkey very early on and we had to move him out of the crib before his 1st birthday because the doctor was so afraid that he would dislocate or break his arm (we found him multiple ties hanging from the top bar). It was terrifying to me for him to be loose that soon but he did okay.
    Good luck!
    (visiting from UBP)
    Star Traci recently posted…Wordless Wednesday #84 — Mythic SleepMy Profile

  5. 19


    I didn’t really know how it happened. But I remembered my son would jump out of his crib when he was about 2 years old and I was so scared he would fall. So by 2, I’d allow him to sleep beside me as he’s more comfortable that way. We still co-sleep until now that he’s 3. :)
    Rea recently posted…Let It Go…My Profile

  6. 21


    LOL I can relate so much. My boys share a room too, but I ‘could’ allow each their own room- by getting rid of our home office. We need it though. Cade is 3 and still sleeps on the couch. Been through the screaming fits with him and STILL get them throughout the night. I just want everyone else in the family to get their rest. I don’t even know how I go without sleep like Cade. lol and Cas…. I put him his crib and he knows it’s bedtime/naptime. I’m not looking forward to the transition stage because I’m scared of him turning into another Cade- refusing to sleep anywhere. I’ll leave him in the crib until he’s too old lol Kindergarten? ha just kidding.
    Ila recently posted…10 Things Going On in Our Life LatelyMy Profile

    • 22


      Oh Ila, I wish! Hubby wants to put a wobble knob on the door but I am so opposed to do that. Granted it is for Henry’s safety but I want them to feel safe (not trapped in their rooms)

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