A NEW YEAR- A NEW MOM…The juice cleanse (a new beginning)


Yep. It’s a long story.  I have to say these past few months have been a time of sincere reflection for me.  The last two weeks I have been very quiet on the blogging front, but I must say it was for good reason.

Let me begin with Henry.  He is doing so well.  His tests indicated a significant allergy to eggs, and milder allergies to peas and peanuts.  Although, he is allowed dairy, he is mostly refusing it.  His biopsies did not reveal any disorders or immune issues. Only an inflammation from being sick for so long.  We are confident, with diet changes, he will continue to improve and eventually thrive. Ok- so all this was related to eggs. Fixable. Great. End of story?  Not quite.

Seeing my baby get so sick, have to endure 31 allergy needles and talking to the specialists about potential things like feeding tubes, cystic fibrosis (due to protein loss) and more really sent me in to a mental funk.

But I spent the holidays rejuvenating and most importantly re-evaluating MY lifestyle choices.

It begins with MOM

At 36 years old, I feel old.  I have never treated my body well.  I have smoked on/off since the age of 12 (also living in a house with 2nd hand smoke until 18), I drink massive amounts of coffee, skip meals and eat fast food way too frequently.  I grew up on fast food, Little Debbie and soda. No, I do not blame my parents, but I was allowed to eat what I wanted, and never encouraged to make good choices.

I am thin framed, but it is not from exercise.  It is from poor nutrition.  That is truly why I was so overwhelmed with the prospect of allergies in my children. I have no experience in avoiding processed foods.

I feel it is my duty as a parent to set a better example and most importantly TEACH them.

Enter the 7 day juice cleanse.

Juice Cleanse

I know resolutions typically fail early in the year.  SO I have committed to a 7 day Juice cleanse alongside of my hubby (since there is no one who I’d rather suffer with- lol). A full body detox.  No nicotine, no caffeine, no fast food. Nothing except fruits, vegetables and water. A system reboot. I want to reclaim my energy and the rest of my life.  I can make 7 days. TThe resources/plan I am following here.


I have spoken to a local dietitian, I have a nutrition class on the 15th (in my local health market/grocery store) I have resources, assistance and support.

Will I ever eat a cheeseburger or allow my kids a happy meal?  Not any time too soon.  Some of these changes will be forever (nicotine)  and some MIGHT be temporary (caffeine and alcohol).  However, my end goal is to educate myself on better choices and become a better role model for my children. FOR LIFE. New Years or not, it is time for a new beginning. This is just an easy date to remember and celebrate:-)


Ugh…ugliness.  It’s gonna be tough.  Some people lose weight, but I think I might gain (and I am totally okay with that) since in my case coffee sometimes replaced meals. I might get headaches and, um yeah, there is digestive stuff… ANYHOO…

After 2 or 3 days, I should be feeling much better and I look forward to sharing some of it with you!

Tomorrow I will be visiting my all of favorite bloggers who so kindly reached out to me!  After a much too long delay…

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CHEERS to 2014!



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    Wow!! How did I miss all you were going through with your son!?! So sorry, but glad you got some answers and that everything is going to be o.k. Good for you getting healthy. Nobody in my family has allergies, but I do worry about what we eat – just tot much junk. I hope it goes well for you and look forward to getting an update!
    Lisa @ The Golden spoons recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

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    Cheers to you! Thank you for mentioning me. I was thinking about you and Henry. I know of a lot of kids with egg allergies. They all outgrew it eventually, but wow, just to have an answer for you that’s fixable.
    However I understand going into the funk.
    My husband does juice cleanses! They work wonders. Kudos to you for everything. Much love in 2014.
    Tamara recently posted…Just A Bit More Looking Back.My Profile

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      Yes, it was alot at the time and really made me reflect alot! There is a chance he could someday outgrow it, and he will be tested every 1-2 years I think? But they said it was a significant allergy and I need to carry an epi-pen! I never knew allergies could wreck so much havoc internally!

      Oh gosh the cleanse is tough…. Please let me know if he has any good recipes or tips! Does he usually do 3 or 7 days?

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    GOOD LUCK- you are braver than me. :) I’m too scared to kick my coffee. I thrive (or survive?) with no sleep because of coffee. It’s really awesome that you are trying to better yourself though. I’m trying too. My heart just sank more for little henry. I knew you were going through testing and stuff for him but then— I read that post. Give him some fruit snacks :) I buy Welches It’s like $8/48? they cost more, but they are made with real fruit juice and just seem healthier. I buy those big packs from Kroger and walmart. no gluten/no dairy/no fat {probably no eggs}. 100% vit c – 25% vit d & a – 10% calcium. heres the site so you can read up on them, find them near you, & get a $0.50/box coupon. my kids love them- they taste great http://welchsfruitsnacks.com/
    Ila recently posted…Taking a Mini-Vacation and Renewing My SpiritMy Profile

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      Ila Love Welches, but I am trying to also incorporate less snacking and more fruits and veggies and it seems to be working good so far! We bought WAY less processed food this week and will be dining out far less until we are all making better choices at meal time! I am excited for this new endeavor and FEELING GOOD! I did add back in caffeine, but lesser amounts. All in all I am very happy with the progress so far!

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    And you did visit my blog, thank you Jodi!! I’ve heard good things about “juice cleanse..” Most celebrities in my country actually support it (hehe). But the bottomline is I’m happy you’ve taken on this challenge of starting to be fit and healthy not just for you but also for your entire family. Keep us updated! I may wanna try this soon too :)

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      Will do Rea, I hope to write an update this week! It was difficult. I did 3 full days, and had to add food back in. There definitely was positives and I will continue on a healthier path!

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    As was suspected, you are a much tougher women than I am! But that was never really in doubt! So glad Henry is better and glad that you feel like you are taking back control of your life. Sometimes it gets away from us, and it’s almost painful to reel it back in. So cheers to you, as I drink my big glass of water! xoxo

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    Jodi, hey I just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway on my blog for A Baltic Amber Teething Necklace… I thought you might want to enter for Henry. I know he’s not teething, but I’m sure you remember my post in the past about how amazing Baltic Amber has been for my boys. Anyways- I just wanted to let you know.

    Hope you all are doing well, haven’t seen you post in a while!

    Ila from He Has MS
    Ila recently posted…Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review & GiveawayMy Profile

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    I’m so glad your son is doing well. We recently discovered our daughter has a gluten sensitivity and are struggling to adjust to this now.

    Good luck with your cleanse, I hope it goes well!!
    Camille recently posted…Mommy & Me MondayMy Profile

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      Thank you! Egg is hard because it is so easily disguised and so often used! However, it is an allergy that is possible to grow out of and can be worked around in some recipes! They initially were thinking Gluten and oh gosh, I feel for you! That one is a difficult one! Luckily groceries store, health markets and companies are making it easier on all food allergy sufferers!

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