#AskAwayFriday Week 20- Meet the AWE Inspiring Beth from Structure in an Unstructured Life

Welcome to the 20th Week of #AskAwayFriday!

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The Real Housewife of Caroline County

This week I had the pleasure of learning more about Beth from Structure in an Unstructured LifeThis busy gal is a writer, blogger, cook, mom and wife to a high school football coach!

#AskAwayFridayI was so excited to find out more about Beth (because she is the dynamo mom of two boys ages 4 and 7!) It’s a like glimpse into my future! I had visited her site, for the first time a couple weeks ago, and was SO impressed with the design and content. It really resonated with me, offering so many great recipes, organizational and parenting tips!  She is really knowledgeable in so many areas!   I am so glad to have her on my weekly blogroll!  Follow Beth on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and bloglovin’

Here are my questions from Beth at Structure in an Unstructured Life

1. Your boys are in the preschool and toddler stages. What are your favorite and least favorite things about these ages?

Favorite:  Their bond, rapid ability to learn and appreciate the little things. Discovering the wonders of the world, we take for granted or just don’t see as a grown-up.

Ask Away Friday-My BoysLeast favorite:Their bond, rapid ability to learn and appreciate the little things. LOL. They are so close, they team up on me! They can communicate silently.  These boys can find fun and sometimes trouble with toilet paper, toothpaste, hiding in closets, laundry baskets…etc.  I am out-numbered, out-witted and out-played 8-5 Mon-Fri. As exhausting as it can be, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

2. As a fellow Mid-westerner, are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or could you live without the frosty stuff?

I need to move to a warm climate.  I am miserable in the winter.  I hate being cold. BRRR. I like snow on Christmas day, but that is it!

3. You host a lot of great giveaways on your blog that make some readers very lucky. What’s the best thing that you’ve ever won?

I have won a lot of things!  I would say maybe one of the two strollers (A double and a Jogger) or the $500 AMEX card I won last month.  It could not have happened at a more needed time. It was a blessing in the form of twitter.

4. We are both mamas to boys, whats one thing that makes you wish you had a girl?

Growing up I always wanted a girl to primp and dress.  I am able to do that with my nieces.  Me having a girl would be expensive!  There is so many cute outfits and accessories! Now, I am so happy to have had boys!

5. What will your Christmas dinner be like this year?

I am honestly not sure, except to say it will be thrown together last minute. My parents arrive Sunday from SC and we will eat with my sister’s family, but we have not put together a menu or plan as of yet!

6. Living with boys can often be smelly. :) What’s your favorite pleasant scent?

I like cinnamon and apples, vanilla and lavender!

7. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers write about dinner and dessert recipes. I want to know what your favorite breakfast is?

I love breakfast.  Any breakfast- eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, biscuits & gravy, quiches, casserole, sandwich….I just made myself very hungry.  I could eat breakfast anytime of day!

8. If you had to choose one cause that you are most passionate about, what would it be? 

Anything to do with children. Someday after the children are grown I would love to participate in a mission trip. No particular area, I just want to help.I know the experience would be life changing.

9. Would you rather have a day at a spa, a day shopping, or a day site-seeing?

Ooh VERY good question!  I can’t pick. Any time I think I have chosen, I change my mind.  I would be grateful for any of them especially if it involved a lunch!

10. Fill in the blank – My favorite thing about Christmas is… FAMILY

My parents visit from South Carolina, we see my husband’s family.  I love everything about the togetherness and celebrations!

It was so nice to swap posts with Beth this week, it really helped get my mind off of the current situation with my son Henry.  Wish us luck tomorrow.  Happy Holidays!   



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    Good luck tomorrow! Many good thoughts coming your way.
    And ugh..I hate winter. Northampton has been brutal this week. Luckily we’re due for a thaw, but the white Christmas it looked like we would have is in jeopardy!
    And you are making me SO hungry for breakfast tomorrow.
    And I just won an expensive car seat that we really needed for my daughter! I’m really glad you won $500 in a giveway. It’s life-changing.
    And I love my new MegaBloks win!
    Tamara recently posted…Can I Really Do This?My Profile

    • 4


      Wow a Car Seat? That is my dream win! Congrats! The $500 couldn’t have helped us more when it was won. I am so thankful!
      Thank you for all of your good thoughts and wishes!
      I do love to see your pics of “Noho” It makes me miss the area so much!

  2. 5


    Whoaaa! $500 worth of gift card?! That’s just amazing! You must be one lucky mom! :) I also have 2 boys – my kid and my husband, hehehe somehow I can relate to you in terms of living with the boys although I can sense that my kid is a mama’s boy! HAHA 😀

    • 6


      They both had moments when they were very much mama boys, but they are REALLY loving dad since they are with me all day!
      The $500 came as we needed it the most, I actually cried when I won it! The other wins were great, too! But that was a true blessing!

  3. 11


    So adorable, and the bond between two siblings while at a young age is priceless. I see it with my 9-month old niece and her 8-year old brother. Heart warming. I’m with you on the moving to warmer climate. I don’t need four seasons or snow. I could easily visit a snowy place for Christmas, and head back home for warmth!
    Happy Holidays!
    Wendy May recently posted…#AskAwayFriday, #20My Profile

  4. 12


    I am so with you, I need a warmer climate! LOL! Vanilla is one of my favorite scents, too. And oh breakfast! Yummy! I love breakfast any time of day…omelets, sunny side up eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast…oh I could go on and on. Have a great week, lady and a wonderful and safe holiday!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…This Momma’s Meandering Mondays 26!My Profile

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