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Welcome to the 19th Week of #AskAwayFriday!

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The Real Housewife of Caroline County

Seasons Greetings! IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th!  Less than two weeks til Christmas! UH OH!

This #AskAwayFriday, I had the pleasure of getting to know and swapping questions with Stacey, from This Momma’s Ramblings

Stacey is truly a amazing!  She co-leads a household of six! A homeschooling mama, she still manages to find time to lead and participate in several MAJOR blog hops! Including her upcoming 25th Meandering Mondays!  Her blog features lots of goodies & tips! So make sure to visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest! I know you will love her and her blog!  She has such a warm, welcoming and fun personality! So link up and say HI! to Stacey!

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These were the questions Stacey had for me this #AskAwayFriday!

1. As a mid-westerner myself, I like living in a place that is a bit more relaxed, the hubby took me to Miami a few years ago, and I about spazzed! LOL! Too many people everywhere and going to fast! What do you like best about living in the Midwest?

I like the cost of living, farm fresh beef & veggies and the ability to be in city or country setting! The slightly slower pace of life initially bothered me, but raising my boys here so far has been wonderful! When I lived in Massachusetts, it was so difficult to make ends meet (financially) and I was ALWAYS on-the-go! BONUS now my sister, brother-n-law & nieces live 6 doors away- and that helps since all of my other family still resides on the East Coast!

2. Have you gotten all of your decorations up for the coming holiday? Would love to see a pic! :)

Its kinda embarrassing, but we really only have a tree and limited decorations.  With two little ones (one who is a BIG troublemaker)  I needed to keep it simple!  I have been collecting a special ornament each year for the boys. I would like to do more, and will as they grow. (In the picture our tree looks terribly crooked, but I promise it looks a little better in person!  The Santa ornament is Hayden’s, Mickey Mouse is Henry’s)


3. Christmas shopping, done? Presents wrapped?

Ugh no.  This stresses me out.  I have the children’s shopping done and cards are here (unwritten & not addressed)  but I still have much to do.  I have never been this far behind.  I know it’ll get done, but I am not a “last minute” person.

4. Do you miss anything about living out east?

I miss my family and friends, the ocean, proximity to other states, FRESH seafood and Dunkin Donuts being on every corner!

5. What is one movie that you can watch over and over? Any reason why?

Oh Brother Where Are Thou….  I just find it hilarious and it reminds me of some of my mom’s family who reside in rural Tennessee (well as far as accent and story telling)

6. What is one recipe that you remember from your childhood that you make for your family?

Hmmm…either Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp or Apple Crisp

7. Who is someone in your life that has molded you into the woman that you are and why?

I love this question and could make a full post out of it.  I have several women in my life who shaped my life.

Mom- My mom never ever put herself first.  She gives her everything, in everything she does. She is caring, generous, loving and nurturing. She is completely selfless. It took me years to truly appreciate her- like I should have. Lessons learned:  Unconditional love & selfless acts.

Maternal Grandma- She raised 9 children in rural Tennessee.  My grandfather moved north with their oldest son to work on tobacco farms (for two years) to earn money to move the family.  She worked, and raised her remaining children for two years alone.  She was illiterate but could read the bible from memory.  The strength and faith in that little woman, was untouchable.  I loved hearing her amazing stories.  She was so funny! Lesson learned: sacrifice and faith

Godmother- She is a rock, a second mom to me.  She had a terribly abusive childhood and it made her incredibly strong, resourceful and wise.  She is so inspirational. I was a difficult teenager and I credit her with my survival into adulthood.  Lesson learned: Self esteem and inner-strength

Dean of Student Affairs at Lasell College- Her name is Diane.  She is a powerful leader in the Boston Community. She taught me so much about what could be in life. I was one of many students of the college, but with her guidance, I really challenged myself and lead in several campus groups. She changed the course of my academic life!  Lesson learned: motivation & goal setting

8. I read in one of the previous #AskAwayFriday posts that you had been to see several 80’s bands, back in the day. What kind of tunes do you have rockin your playlist now?

Somehow, I grew into a top 40/Pop Mom.  I used to listen to very diverse music (Rap, Country, Rock, 50’s, 60’s 70’s, and 80’s) and still enjoy them all but for the most part I am a radio mom! My husband took me to see Poison a few years ago, but I am just a different person now.  I still knew all the songs by heart, but didn’t really have a rock chic “look” anymore.

9. Is there a television show that you just can’t miss?

I was the biggest Buffy the Vampire fan ever in my teens!  Now (when I get to watch TV)  it is usually something like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and AHS-Coven) I love gritty, gory drama.I guess!

10. What is your favorite go to dessert?

I wish I was a baker, I don’t really have a go-to.  I will try a new recipe from Pinterest, but it often doesn’t work out well!  I have been dipping lots of pretzels in Almond Bark as a holiday snack!  For the past two years, I have been baking sugar cookies with the boys, and they love it!

MHS Simple Sugar cookies

That concludes #AskAwayFriday for this week!

Special thanks to Stacey! It was so great to work with you!


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      Maybe fewer days between the holidays? Wrapping usually waits- but I am always done with the shopping part early!
      We have two NEW Dunkin Donuts about 30 miles away- but they are the first to arrive. I was quite spoiled (and heavily addicted) with my D&D in MA!

  1. 3


    I have to agree with you on the fresh meat, veggies, and fruits. Oh there is nothing better. When we had our tree up last year, we would laugh at it and call it our little Charlie Brown tree, because it was so skinny. LOL! Most of our ornaments are the licensed character kind and some home made ones. I had a couple of strong ladies in my family, that I thought were absolutely amazing. I would miss the ocean, too. Baking cookies with the kids is my favorite thing. :) Thank you so much for swapping with me, Jodi! It was amazing!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…#AskAwayFriday 19 with Jodi from The Noise of Boys!My Profile

  2. 7


    ohemgee! you are a buffy fan!!! eek! i love me some buffy! when i didn’t have the WB for a couple of years, i went crazy til i could get all those episodes on dvd and catch up. i was a buffy & spike fan, even though it wasn’t cool. at. all.
    but i digress…hard to imagine you as a difficult teenager. you’re so sweet!
    Melissa @ Home on Deranged recently posted…‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and elves are on the looseMy Profile

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      Oh girl I have totes and totes of Buffy Memorabilia- DVDs, boooks, VHS, even a board game! I love ALL the couples! Especially Willow and Oz! But Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Spike. I even loved Drucila and Spike. When Angel began, I had issues with Cordelia and Angel, though…. I did not like that! LOL

      And I was a terrible daughter from 14-19 years old. Just plain spoiled and hard-headed. No one ever believes me- but I could share some scary teenage tales. I cringe at the memories and have ALOT of awareness now of “why”. I am fortunate to have been blessed by coming away from those years, some of my friends chose very different paths.

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    It’s always nice to stop by and get to know you better! We don’t have any decorations up this year for Christmas. We don’t have a stash that we’ve accumulated just yet and every dime we have has had to go to something else so don’t feel bad :) I didn’t realize that you lived back east and that you live in the Midwest now. I live in the extreme west in AZ. It is also very different and slower than the east….I was also pretty close to the shore, now we are not near the coast at all.
    Brittnei recently posted…Feature Friday- Week 4My Profile

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      We will go to the one in Des Moines & Ankeny but it is 30 minutes away opposed to the 3 blocks away in each direction, that I had in Boston! LOL I would go easily 3 X per day! But I am SO glad they FINALLY came to Iowa!

  4. 13


    Hello Jodi 😉
    It’s been nice learning more about you. I just love #AskAwayFriday!

    I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping, and because of our recent move from IL to SC… we don’t even have a tree up :(


  5. 19


    Tamara is right, Northampton has four Dunkin Donuts, but only one of them has a drive through! It is on the corner of King St. and Rt 9 which is basically always a hot traffic mess! We aren’t done with Christmas wrapping or shopping either. I need to get on that asap this week while Malone is still in preschool!

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