10 Things Toddlers Like to Say

Welcome back to Thursday, Ready or Not!  Its a NEW True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches!

This week, it’s the beautiful and talented Melissa, from Home on Derangedturn to talk about the things “our wee toddlers like to say. A lot. Repeatedly. Not including “no, no, no,” because that would take to far long to tell.”  

Home on Deranged - 10 funny things toddlers like to sayThere’s this card my father gave me for my first Mother’s Day – there’s a picture of a small child on front with one of those cartoon bubbles that contains, “MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!” You get the idea.

Inside it says, “Remember how excited we were when they were learning to talk?” Old joke, I know, but one that everybody loves to tell. And I mean everybody.

Our almost 3-year-old Annie took her sweet time beginning to talk. She had a series of grunts, whines and finger points that got her pretty much whatever she wanted. Then one day, she was talking. And now…nah, she’s not that bad. In fact, she’ll still just whine for what she wants if you let her.

So instead I’ve compiled just a few of Annie’s hits:

  • Mo’ money, daddy, mo’ money. (after she’s already stolen all the money she can reach off his side of the dresser)
  • Be quiet, Mommy! (usually said when I’m singing a little too loudly in the car)
  • Thank yewwwww. (what? we all have Texas drawls around here)
  • I don’t like poop. (said while watching me change her sister’s diaper)
  • Pick. Me. Up. (kind of self explanatory)

Leelou, the freshly minted 19-month-old, however, started speaking before she turned one. Nothing major, just little phrases and what-not, but she’s been trailing her sister since the day she arrived, so not only has she learned faster, but she’s also forced Annie to move ahead at a slightly faster pace.

And now, some of Leelou’s one-liners:

  • Puppies. Outside. Puppies. Mommy. (when she suddenly remembers that we have dogs and they are in the yard)
  • Okay, Mommy. (a generic response to my instructions)
  • Marco, where are you? (a mix of the “Marco-Polo” game we play at stores when Thomas and I are looking for each other, and the always popular, “(fill in name), where are you?” that we do, oh, everywhere)
  • Tic-tac. (you may recall this from Thomas’ post)
  • Blankie, blankie! (sometimes in a wail or a cry, sometimes just pointing)

But of course, the best one of all – which they both can say – I love you.

Let them talk all they want.

Got any clever quippers in your house? Or heard a little kid say something that made you laugh and laugh? Share your thoughts with us in the comments because we love to spread the fun!


Home on Deranged True Tales from the Pink and Blue Trenches


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      Oh my word, that is funny! When Hayden was smaller “frog” sounded like that other 4 letter F word. And one day he noticed a big inflatable frog in the LIBRARY and was yelling out “F**K! FU*K! Nice…. Oh my it just amuses me so!

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    Love this! My oldest daughter’s first word was actually a “meow” because we had a cat that would yowl to get outside constantly. She went from that to, “what is it?” because that’s what we would say to her when she baby-gabbered. :) She’s 11 now and usually what I get is, “seriously, mom?” She’s 11 going on 15 lol, so she gets this really serious expression that cracks me up every time. Kids are great!
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