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You can discover more about the adorable Jack & Lily: Leopard Laced Boots in Miss Frugal Mommy’s review!

Jack & Lily: Leopard Laced Boots Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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MAM is hosting an AMAZING Facebook Giveaway! #MAM #Giveaway #ShareTheLove

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Parenting can be hard, but your unbridled love for your children drowns out all fears and tears. Share with us what makes your little ones so special, your hopes and dreams for their futures and the joys of parenthood by posting a video, photo or letter on facebook.com/mambabyusa.

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It’s MAM’s way of celebrating you for the love you share!


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Mixing it up! #AskAwayFriday & Finish the Sentence Friday with Lovely Lisa from The Golden Spoons!

Welcome to the 36th week of #AskAwayFriday!

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This week, I am also participating in my first ever Finish the Sentence Friday (A blog link-up with a weekly writing prompt!

Hosted by this fabulous group!

Janine at Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic, Stephanie at Mommy, for Real, Kate at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine? & Kristi at Finding Ninee

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This week I had the pleasure of partnering with a blogger- I actually met in person! The beautiful, Lisa. Wife, mama of three darling divas and creator of The Golden Spoons! And she is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog! I wish I could meet up with her at Blog U in June!

Oh did I mention, author?  Yep.  She is featured in The Mother of All Meltdowns, which was released just before we met!

By the way, the authors of MOAM are having a Mother’s Day Extravaganza which includes a new forum called No Mother Is Perfect (www.nomotherisperfect.com) and an incredible giveaway that you can enter to win!

Make sure to follow Lisa and all the happenings of The Golden Spoons via Facebook- Twitter- BlogLovin’

Without further ado….here are the questions Lisa had for me this week!

1.  This week the FTSF (Finish the Sentence Friday) prompt is “If I could go back in time . . . . ”  How would you finish that sentence?

I would speak to myself at 12 years old. I would assure myself matter how bad things seemed (even on those dramatic “world is gonna end” type of days) it would be okay.  I would emphasize the abundant love already surrounding me and the importance of loving oneself/self esteem.

Not sure if a swift kick in the butt or a hug, would be better deserved.

2.  I was so happy to meet you at the SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp back in October.  What is one of the biggest things you learned at that conference?  Have you been to any other blogging conferences or do you have plans to go to any in the future?

I actually knew most of the “technical” lessons taught at BBC, but did appreciate the valuable tricks/tips on organization and set some personal goals!

I was just so happy to meet other bloggers and not feel so alone! The social impact was so motivating! BBCMPLS  energized, inspired and overwhelmed me! I do wish I had chosen to stay one additional night! I loved meeting you (Lisa) and would have loved to go to BLOG U with so many ladies from #AAF/MOAM & #FTSF!  It just can’t (financially) happen this year (my blog is in need of a definite professional makeover & switch to Genesis platform).

If I was to choose one blog related trip to make, it would be BLOG U or the ABCkids EXPO.

3.  Since I am a mom of 3 girls, I love the Pink and Blue series you do with Melissa.  You have 2 boys.  Any plans for a third child??  If so, do you hope it’s another boy or would you like a girl?

HAHA!  Maybe and yes.

We will have to consider that soon, and make our final decision.  However we been debating it for a while now.  Late fall we were thinking “yes”, early this year was a “no”.

If we decide to try for a third child, of course #1 is praying for healthy boy OR girl. But I will admit, girls scare me!

4.  I hate mornings.  Are you more of  a morning person or a night owl?  Has it changed since becoming a mother?

Ugh I hate mornings! Sleepless toddlers has made it worse for me!  LOL!  I am definitely not morning friendly and rarely even speak until my 2nd cup of coffee! I need to start thinking of these early mornings as a gift though, because I do get more accomplished and it is quality time with the kids. I am not really a true “night owl”  I usually am in bed at 11PM at the latest.   I LOVE sleep.

5.  We have had a crazy schedule for the past couple weeks and I am really struggling to keep up with the housework, which is bad because I’m kind of a neat freak.  Are you a neat freak, too, or does the mess not really bother you?  What is the household chore you despise the most?

I would love to consider myself a neat freak, I definitely try.  I am about 75% there. Cleaning seems endless and with little ones, and impossible to keep up with! I am actually fortunate we have a tiny house or I might go crazy!

My least favorite thing to clean is the bathroom by far! Between cleaning up my hair from the drains and cleaning up after the boys… it is just yucky!

6.  Part of our crazy schedule is due to my kids’ extracurricular activities including soccer, piano lessons, and horseback riding.  Your kids are younger than mine, but are there any specific activities you hope they will do (or not do) when they are older?

Well I would love for them to participate in whatever they enjoy!  Hayden has had (and still needs) swim lessons, has participated in soccer/t-ball/basketball and gymnastic clinics (1 day classes).  Currently my hubby is coaching Hayden’s Pre-K soccer team.  It isn’t Hayden forte′. I was NOT athletic, and after today’s game I am officially passing on my childhood nickname “space cadet.” It was rough to watch.  He just had no interest at all.

I can’t wait to get him in to Karate.  I think he will be ecstatic to try that. He practices his “ninja moves” regularly. Ask Away Friday AAF

He just isn’t an outdoorsy or athletic kid.  And that is okay with me.  There are plenty of other activities he may enjoy. Plus it may change…  maybe he will be an excellent athlete someday.

Recently, I tried to convince him a bike would be a great birthday gift and he came up with about 10 reasons while I should not buy him a bike. Some of the reasons were solid.

Henry definitely needs to start swim lessons soon, he is a “wild boy” with no fear.

7.  You have written before about have picky eaters and, now, a son with food allergies.  I, too, have picky eaters, but no allergies to deal with.  How has dealing with it changed the way you grocery shop and cook of your family?

Initially, very overwhelming. I had no experience with allergies and was a terrible cook!  However I am now looking at it all as a learning adventure! I am actually enjoying the research and learning NEW recipes! I have great resources and local health/dietitian advocates!

It can be pricey to avoid certain ingredients , but I am learning there, too!

I can’t help but to appreciate:

  1. Henry’s situation was not more serious.  He was so sick for several weeks, we are blessed to have him healthy again!
  2. I have the ability, and resources to LEARN to help him
  3. It is making us a healthier family- in so many ways!

I am REALLY excited to try a greener/frugal approach to household cleaning!  I recently discovered Crunchy Betty and will be attempting to follow many of her recipes (laundry soap/softener, dish-washing, all purpose cleaning, weed control, insect control…etc.) Someday maybe even toothpaste and deodorant, but don’t hold me to the last ones! I AM ACTUALLY VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

It is so easy to make these changes!  It will benefit our bodies and pocketbook! AND IF I CAN DO THIS, ANY ONE CAN!

Not only was our grocery budget in need of serious adjustment, but I am really bothered by the amount of chemicals in our homes, and on our bodies. Especially in our children’s products. :-(

8.  Tamara asked me this one a couple weeks ago and I loved it, so I’m asking you! What is the biggest thing blogging has taught you about yourself?

I guess I am not sure it has taught me anything new about me. However it gave me much needed “mommy time” and provided a HUGE learning challenge, that I was craving. I never knew the amazing depths of blogosphere! Even if I could blog full-time… there is always more that can/should be done.

9. You wrote a lovely review of The Mother Of All Meltdowns back in October.  (Thanks!) Tell us about one of your worst mommy meltdowns!

Thank you!  Well it was probably surrounding the True Tales post about Henry. I was so emotional in November/December.  I was scared and tired of him being sick. Most tests were coming back normal.  The doctors were talking feeding tubes and discussing things like “cystic fibrosis”. Henry was battling constant bowel issues and vomiting during each meal. It was a lonely and frustrating time.

I cried to my barista at Starbucks. I cried when talking to the grocery store dietitian. I never “lost” it and screamed at anyone- but a lot of people had no idea what was even happening until I “unleashed” in that post. It felt so good to let it out. I suddenly felt stronger and stopped crying at the local grocer.

10.  O.K.  Let’s end with something fun.  If you had an entire day to yourself – 24 hours with no kids, no hubby, no schedule, no to-do list, and money is no object – how would you spend the time??

Okay well if money is NO issue….  Ladies, I am chartering a jet and we would Vlog a group version #AAF in a southern climate with Mojitos! Maybe bring in Channing Tatum and Bradley Copper for a few  #AAF Twitter selfies!

If I need to be more realistic- Spa, shopping and expensive lunch! but now that seems less fun!

Thank you for the #AskAwayFriday swap, Lisa!
I can’t wait to see how you answered my questions!

 See everyone next #AskAwayFriday! Cheers!

Becoming the accidental co-sleeper. #toddlers #TrueTales

Yeah It’s Thursday!  It’s time for True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches with our buddies from Home on Deranged!

pink&blue button

This week we are discussing sleeping, co-sleeping… or maybe the lack of sleeping- due to the toddlers in our lives. :-)

This week, Melissa from Home on Deranged discussed the magic that our toddlers can conjure when it’s bedtime. Amazing how quickly such a little person can find big ways to turn a night upside down.

Home on Deranged - The accidental co-sleeper: this toddler parent tells all; part of the True Tales from the #PinkandBlue Trenches series

Ah, yes, bedtime. That magical time when you can drift off to sleep and dream of faraway lands and crazy adventures that lead you to be the leader of your own kingdom, beloved by all and adored by strangers.

Unless, of course, you have toddlers around. In which case, it’s a journey into finding out just how many ways you can contort your body to fit the 1-foot wide sleeping space you’ve been allotted by the world’s tiniest bed hogs. Yes, I have become the accidental co-sleeper.

When we started this parenting journey, we never consciously – or actively – set out to be co-sleepers. My husband and I were perfectly happy to drift off to dream in our queen size bed, each with a comfortable amount of room to sleep in pretty much any position we desired.

Home on Deranged - The accidental co-sleeper: this toddler parent tells all; part of the True Tales from the #PinkandBlue Trenches series In fact, when we were both still working, we never had Annie in the bed with us. If she woke up during the night, I usually took her in the living room and stayed with her until she went back to sleep, returning her to her crib and myself to the comfort of my quilt-covered cocoon.

But then we moved in with my dad for a few months, and since space was at a premium, her bed – rather, her playard – was at the foot of ours. I can remember nights hearing her cry and looking at the foot of the bed to see her tiny little head peeking at me. It was just easier to take her out of there and put her in the bed with us.

When we finally moved into our current home, she loved her room, and, for the most part, slept through the night. When Leelou came along, she, too, stayed in the playard next to our bed, so if she woke, I could pick her up, soothe her a little, and put her back in it.

But a funny thing happened as they got older. They moved on their own. Once Annie got transitioned to her toddler bed, she became quite adept at getting out of her bed, walking down the hall to our room, opening the door and coming right on in.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve been awoken by, “Mommy?” in the tiniest little whispered voice. Sometimes I don’t even hear her, I just sense her staring at me. And it usually scares the crap out of me.

As Leelou moved into her own room, she would occasionally wake, and since there is a full size guest bed in her room, I would just crash in there with her. Except I wouldn’t wake up and move her. So we wound up sleeping in the same bed. Then I would hear Annie crying for me, wandering around the hall, and then everyone was awake. So I gave up staying in Leelou’s room.

At some point, with one squirmy baby and one bed-hog toddler, we decided a queen size bed wasn’t cutting it anymore. We went up to the king size bed, and it initially seemed huge. But a funny thing happened. Our daughters grew.

The long list of toddler sleeping positions is well-known and frequently documented: they lie sideways, with their head at your head and feet at his head; they lie in the opposite direction of you, so their head is at your feet and their feet are in your belly; they lie in a diagonal position, touching both parents at once while simultaneously taking up more of the bed real estate.

For the most part, Leelou sleeps through the night, opting to stay in her own comfy space. Home on Deranged - The accidental co-sleeper: this toddler parent tells all; part of the True Tales from the #PinkandBlue Trenches series She is a hard sleeper, and usually doesn’t even want to get up in the morning. Annie, on the other hand, since potty training started, gets up almost every. single. night. At first, it was just to go potty. Now, well, I really don’t know why. Although she has repeatedly commented that she likes our bed better. Yeah, me, too.

We get lucky sometimes, and have a two night streak where they both stay beautifully ensconced in their beds. It’s pure bliss when I wake up and realize that I have not had to hang on to the side of the bed like a drowning man clinging to a life raft. I actually had the room to stretch all the way out and allow my limbs to relax.

Then there are mornings like yesterday, where I wake to find Annie curled snugly against my leg, head at my feet, sleeping soundly. And I have absolutely no idea how she even got in the bed. I really have no memory of her coming in the room. Sure, I could return her to her bed, but then I’d have to get up. And mama ain’t having none of that.

Perhaps if we’d planned better or discussed how we would handle what to do when our babies wake up in the night, I might not be the accidental co-sleeper that I now find myself to be. But then again, I wouldn’t have gotten all that deliriously delicious cuddle time. Or heard the giggles of my girls as they wake. Or seen them sleeping on their daddy’s chest.

Eh. I’ll sleep later. You know, after they have kids of their own.

What about you? Were you an accidental co-sleeping parent, or even a purposeful one? Did it make a difference in your overall parenting style, or did you just go with the flow? Share it with me in comments, because I’m always looking for advice!

Make sure to join us next Thursday for the next True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches!


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We’re Ready for Fun in the Sun! SophiasStyle.com #swimwear #review & #giveaway (ad) ends 4/24 us only

Note: This review contains an affiliate link* Product was received to facilitate review. Opinions are 100% mine!

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to review products from SophiasStyle.com again!  They offer a wide assortment of trusted brand merchandise in fashion, home, children toys and accessories! The boutique inspired clothing and range of quality products makes online shopping so easy!


With our upcoming trip to Kansas City, I knew the boys could definitely use new swimwear for the water park hotel we would be lodging at!

PLUS …warmer outdoor weather is on the horizon…right?

Shopping Experience  

Navigation of the site is always easy, it is well organized and selections/sizes are readily available!  From my past orders, I knew fit and quality would be impressive! I have not once had to make a return!

NOTE: There are always special savings available! Make sure to take advantage of the 1st order discount when you sign-up for the newsletter, current Easter markdowns and other great offers now available the SophiasStyle.com homepage! ALSO SophiasStyle.com offers flat rate domestic shipping!


Our items arrived promptly! I ordered mid-afternoon on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday! This is great to know, if you are like me, and those events tend to sneak up on you!

Our Items were neatly folded and nicely secured in tissue wrap, affixed with a brand label- in keeping with that a “boutique feel!”

What we selected & product features:

iExtreme Yellow Blue Hibiscus Print Drawstring Swimsuit Trunks
(current retail $15.99)

  • elastic waistband and drawstring for a perfect fit.
  • Interior of trunks feature mesh underwear liner.
  • 100% polyester
  • available in sizes 12M-7

iExtreme Orange Hibiscus Print Drawstring Swimsuit Trunks
(current retail $15.99)

  • elastic waistband and drawstring for a perfect fit.
  • Interior of trunks feature mesh underwear liner.
  • 100% polyester
  • available in sizes 12M-7

Both of the above swimwear choices, featured bright bold prints in a board short style.  Sizing was exactly as described and all material is durably constructed! My lil  guys were happy! So was I! Make sure to check out for our upcoming Kansas City trip posts to see the swimwear in use, since the current weather in the Midwest did not allow me to photograph outside :-(

My only wish would be for SophiasStyle.com boys’ product selection to feature more accessories like caps & hats and swim shirts.

SophiasStyle Swimwear

Towelmate Boys Trains Pockets Beach Swim Towel
(current retail $26.99)

  • Two built-in, zippered pockets.
  • Towel size: 24″ x 50″
  • Fabric : 100% Cotton.

WE LOVED THIS!  As evident in the above photos! So soft and comfy, my youngest wanted to sleep on it!  BRAVO! What a simple, yet, fantastic feature- adding zippered pockets- to a child’s towel!   This will be so convenient!  

(In the below photo, I only show one of the pockets, but there are two!)

SophiasStyle3 swimwear


SophiasStyle.com has kindly offered one lucky reader a chance to win a $50 giftcode to shop their website!  Enter the giveaway via the rafflecopter form below!

US and Canada! Ends April 24, 2014 at 12:00 AM

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Sophiasstyle Giveaway

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Disclosure:  I received an e-gift card form to purchase products of my choice, to facilitate this review.   The opinions are mine and are honest (or it would not be promoted on this site).  My experience may differ from yours. Brand affiliate advertising links are contained within this review. 

Pretty in Pink Spring #Giveaway Event sponsored by Babalu Baby (ARV $75) ends 4/20-US only.

Pretty In Pink Spring Giveaway

Welcome to the Pretty In Pink Spring Giveaway!

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Babalu Baby shop owner, Erica, officially opened her dream store in 2011, with the mission to promote two simple concepts; love & giving. Unsatisfied with all of the negative children products being sold on the market, Erica strives to provide a shop that sheds light on positivity and encouragement. In addition to providing these amazing, quality and affordable products, Erica is also passionate about giving back to others and donates 10% of  sales to charities for children.  Babalu Baby is a rare shop that does more than just offer baby products and apparel and I am so delighted to have discovered them!

Babalu Baby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

You can learn more about the baby Babalu apparel in Miss Frugal Mommy’s review!

Products Included in the Giveaway Package

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No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Transitioning to a toddler bed.

It’s a nightmare for this mom!  Thoughts of transitioning to a toddler bed.

Welcome to the latest True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches a weekly blog series rooted in the comedy of raising toddlers!  Co-hosted by Melissa from Home on Deranged, written boy vs. girl style.  This week the boys are up to bat!

pink&blue button

The time may have come. I fear I will never sleep again. Little Henry at 22 months has shown great interest in his brothers “big boy bed”. So much so, that every night an hour before bedtime, he grabs his “monkey blanket” and turns on the sound projector and sits in his brothers bed. When it is bedtime he cries and points to the bed.

Transitioning to a toddler bed

AHHH you are thinking, he is ready, right? Not this kid.

First of all, I believe it is more he staking a claim to his brother’s bed.  Secondly he doesn’t fall asleep.  He waits for us to find him than he not so gracefully jumps, runs and rolls all over.

We easily switched Hayden at 18 months to a toddler bed, without event, until he was just over two.  Then after Henry was born, Hayden began his habit of walking to the couch (around 2 AM)  and sleeping there the remainder of the night. We have tried to stop it, but honestly Henry wasn’t sleeping through the night (til 9 months) and if we made Hayden go back to his bed he woke us screaming every two hours.  If we allowed him to sleep peacefully on the couch we all slept.  He wasn’t a kid that was wondering or getting in to trouble.  He was just sleeping.

Henry on the other hand is absolutely a kid that will wreak havoc, and quietly, while we sleep.  Coming to wake us, as Hayden did the first few nights transitioning to a toddler bed, will be last on his agenda.

Transitioning to toddler bed

In a perfect scenario, I would let the boys (who share a room)  maybe share a bed for a bit. Maybe this would give Hayden comfort and he would stay in his room and also help transition Henry.  However I think it is way more likely we wake to screams of the boys fighting over the couch that Hayden claimed two years ago and Henry is now wanting.

Note: Henry would win the battle.

We thought about using a baby gate to keep them both in the room, but again I promise Hayden will wake up the entire house with screaming fits (this I guarantee) every two hours. The baby gate would be for lil man’s safety, but older brother would definitely have issues.

I know I am the parent, I need to do what is best to help them both sleep soundly. However for Henry’s (and the house’s safety) I think a crib tent might be more appropriate in his scenario.  He might think he is ready for a “big boy” bed, but I think it is just too soon for him!

How/when did you handle your little one’s transitioning to a toddler bed?  Any tips/tricks/funny stories?

Join us again next Thursday for Melissa’s sleeping scenario (or maybe nightmare) with two toddler girls! The Pink side of The True Tales from the Pink and Blue Trenches! AND Catch up on the past week “Tales” here!


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OH….Besides getting ready to appear in her 2nd book AND a recent interview with a magazine, Ms. Home on Deranged has SOME AMAZING giveaways happening i.e.Jewelry, Tire Swings, Galaxy Tab 3 and more! WOW! CLICK HERE TO ENTER them ALL


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#AskAwayFriday week 34- Getting Real with Rabia from the Lieber Family!

Welcome to the 34th week of #AskAwayFriday!

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This #AskAwayFriday, I had the pleasure of “swapping it up” with Rabia from The Lieber Family! Wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to three beautiful & spunky children.  She has blogged since 2007- WOW! I am in awe of that!


Rabia blogs on a wide variety of family/parenting and lifestyle topics! She also actively participates in “blog swaps” so thinking of original questions for her, sure was difficult! :-) She is very open about her life and has answered LOTS OF great blogging questions!

Rabia is also a co-author for The Mother of All Meltdowns!  A book, I loved as you know!

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Here are the questions Rabia had for me this #AskAwayFriday!

1. You and I both have Henrys!  It’s not a name that gets used terribly often these days, so it makes me wonder how did you choose his name?  And Hayden’s too?

Dad picked both names, though he says he didn’t.  For Hayden, I like it but it was like my 4th choice.  I like Noah, Charles and Indiana (Indy, lol).  Before pregnancy, we both agreed on Nolan, but his cousin chose that name for her baby.  Chuck changed his pick right before Hayden was born (to the name Henry)  but it was too late, I already had mentally resigned to name him Hayden, as Chuck had wanted. It came down to a operating room decision (I had c-sections, even doctors weighed in.) I cried, “he doesn’t look like a Henry!” and after witnessing my c-section, Chuck let me have the final say…but technically not one of my original fave .If Hayden was a girl, we had agreed on, Ava.

Henry, is the name of Chuck’s great-great grandfather ( a man with an awesome history) and my grandfather.  His middle name is Sullivan, my grandmother’s maiden name.  We had planned to call him “Sully” but it just hasn’t stuck.  I fought liking the name (fearing folks would call him Hank), but I cannot picture him anything other than “Henry” and I am the only one who ever calls him Hank!  Go figure. If Henry had been a girl we had chosen the name, Norah.

2. You’ve got a year of blogging under your belt. What’s your favorite post so far?  Why?

I love all of the True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches, because it is my reality and I get to work with Melissa :-).  Other than that I love the reviews we have done because 1. I have mostly chosen to work with ALL of these companies 2. the kids love to be a part of it. 3.it is a family afair (dad always helps whether in building,playtime or photography!)   Joovy is by far one of my favorite companies,and I LOVED the Zoom 360 review- because… well, just look at Henry’s face.   Joovy Zoom 360 Henry Groovy It was a pure mommy/Henry adventure and we had fun!

3. I know that the word “typical” rarely applies to anything with families of youngsetrs, but what does a typical dinner look like at your house? From what’s on the plates to where you sit and what you discuss, tell us about it. 

Hayden begins arguing from the start, and everyone must sit in their designated seat. Henry is clumsily climbing in to his highchair by himself.  Hayden continues to fight eating, but usually will pick at 2-3 of his 4 choices. Never can anything mix or touch except in the case of ranch.  Everything must have ranch dressing available for the dipping.   Mom and dad are focused on kids and don’t get to converse with each other.  Henry has rapidly finished his meal and if pieces remain he is usually throwing them at me or feeding them to the dog.  Pure chaos. Clean-up begins. And repeat.

4. I seem to be having weather issues lately (along with the rest of the US), so what’s your favorite season?  Please don’t say winter, or else we might not be able to be friends anymore. 

Any time OTHER than winter.  As long as it’s not rainy, windy or too hot…. I am good. Give me a sunny 72 degree day.  Or 80 degrees, and a beach, please.  I am a sun loving gal, even though I slather on the sunblock and remain pasty white. I cannot tan to save my life.  I burn, freckle, peal, burn…

5. Having little ones at home, I’ll bet you don’t get much time to indulge in media geared towards adults.  With that said, what’s the last book you read for yourself?

Orphan Train, though I borrowed The Silent Wife from the library. I had a lot of blogging must-do’s over the past few weeks, I ran out of time and had to return it. I wasn’t able to get in to anyway (sometimes I need time, before the next book), but I do hope to read it. 15818107

What about the last movie you watched that wasn’t animated?

American Hustle, I hope to see all of the Oscar nominated films (except maybe Gravity, not sure I really am interested in that one!)

As far as in the movie theater…I think it was Side Effects (terrible movie that had real potential.)


6. Tell us your favorite childhood memory.

I was very close with my cousins growing up and I loved visiting.  That is a huge down side of being in Iowa and being a SAHM. I knew during this time, I would not be able to travel “home” to Massachusetts and even though my sister lives 6 houses away…I miss my cousins, especially during holidays. I know that is not a very specific answer, but every gathering for us, was an event.

7. Last week when I was putting away groceries in the cabinet I noticed three jars of Parmesan cheese.  Apparently I buy a new jar every week! We *do* use it a lot!! Is there anything you buy every week a the grocery store, whether it’s on the list or not?

My one guilty pleasure indulgent is Smuckers Natural PB which I heat and pour (ummm…drench) my vanilla ice cream in nightly after the kids go to bed.  Other than that, I work pretty hard on a grocery budget, but the kids can talk me into a random item. Oh and per #3, we must always have ranch available or it is disastrous!

8. Would you rather…look good and smell bad, or look bad and smell good? 

Oh goodness!  Look bad and smell good, I guess.  I don’t wear the SAHM mom look well anyways, but IF I SMELLED bad….I couldn’t handle it!

9. If you could spend a week either 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future, which would you pick and why?

100 years in the past.  I love history. Love, love, love it! I adore fashions, architecture and the stories of hardship & ultimate love.

In the future, I would would be too devastated and consumed with loss of loved ones…which in 100 years would be everyone I know.  I would have mental issues dealing with that.

10. Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit that you support? Tell us about it.

We definitely donate (locally)  when we can. United way, Salvation Army, Church related and others! In the future, I want to do more and I would be interested in St. Judes and possibly volunteering for a mission trip.

I loved getting to know Rabia, she is a warm, kind, fun-loving and generous spirit!  I look forward to following her family adventures!  

See you next #AskAwayFriday!


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