Experience the ride- Joovy Scooter X2 #Review

Strolling with the Joovy Scooter X2 Stroller

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We received the Joovy Scooter X2 Stroller to facilitate this review.  All opinions are mine and based on our experience.

Joovy Scooter X2 3The day, the gorgeous Joovy Scooter X2 arrived, so did the polar plunge. It did not stop the boys from wanting to explore it! My 4 year old commented, how beautiful he thought the color was and I had to smile- since he is really not who will be primarily using it.  Although at under 40 lbs., he certainly could still utilize it.  Monday Through Friday, I watch a 9 month old who is much better suited for strolling, along with my 2 year old.  With three children, that are so diverse in age storage space is a huge factor.  The baby still requires a full diaper bag with bottles and Henry is edging on potty-training.

The baby also naps twice a day, so the independent, deep reclining seats are a definite benefit! This way, my two year-old can remain active while not disturbing his little friend!

Jooxy X2 1

I am a huge fan of the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller and the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller, so I admit, I wondered how well a side by side stroller would function for us.  I was pleasantly surprised.

In comparison, the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem does weigh less and feels less bulky to pack up.  However, the X2 offers phenomenal storage for both baby AND parent.

When choosing between these two types of strollers, I would consider the age of your children and how much storage you require for an average trip.

The Joovy X2 packs MANY outstanding, high-end, additions in this striking double stroller at an affordable price. Namely its beautiful reflective striping, oversized canopy, one-hand fold and my most appreciated feature, the sheer ease of seat recline. No difficulty adjusting the seats- so baby can rest completely uninterrupted!

Joovy X2 3 Joovy X2 4Assembling the Joovy Scooter X2

Joovy makes assembly unbelievably simple!  The main body arrives intact, add wheels and adjust straps!  Walla!

I had to practice the one hand recline, but quickly grew adept.

I checked “the fit” through door ways with success.

So as soon as the weather improves, we are ready to stroll! Which ever Joovy Stroller we choose, people notice.

Bottom-line: Joovy makes the most fashionable and functional gear.

The Joovy Scooter X2- fully LOADED with high end features!


Joovy Scooter X2 highlights, feature and facts:

  • Material: Durable 600D Fabric – and NEW for 2015 a sleek, durable graphite frame.
  • Light reflective 5 point harnesses.
  • Independent, fully adjustable, deep reclining seats – The one hand recline system locks in infinite positions all the way down to 149° for a near flat napping position. Each seat offers easy to use strap adjustment.
  • One hand, flat fold.
  • Cup Holders – 2 cup holders and 2 large zippered pockets for parents. Extra interior pockets for all of your kids on-the-go needs!
  • New for 2015! Bigger wheels-7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels.
  • New for 2015- Available in 5 stylish colors!


  • Linked Brakes – Linked rear brakes adding extra security when the stroller is parked.
  • Spacious Basket – Ample room for all of your needs for two kids and easily accessible.55_3
  • Minimum Child Age: 3 Months+
  • Maximum Child Weight: 45 lbs. each seat. 90 lbs total
  • Stroller Weight: 28.1 lbs.
  • Stroller Dimensions Folded: 17″H x 30″W x 37″L
  • Stroller Dimensions Assembled: 40″H x 30″W x 32″L


Find more information and locate a retailer to buy the Joovy Scooter X2 HERE! The current retail list price is $279.99

Follow Joovy on Facebook and Twitter for latest product updates, specials and contests!

* Disclosure: I received the Joovy Scooter X2 Stroller to facilitate this review.  However all thoughts, words and opinions are mine and honest.  It is based on my experience, your opinion may differ!




Celebrate the Season with Hallmark! #Giveaway #2014HOTHolidayGifts #ad

Melissa and her lovely crew from Home on Deranged got to try these AWESOME items from Hallmark!  Read her complete review, then find out how YOU can help others this season AND enter to win a Rudolph Interactive Story Buddy book set AND a set of Santa Claus and Bumble itty bittys below!

Hallmark celebrates 50 years of Rudolph with Toys for Tots and a #giveaway on Home on Deranged @homeonderange #Hallmark #Rudolph #giftideas #holidaygiftguideWhat are some of your most cherished Christmas childhood memories? Trying to stay awake for Santa? Christmas morning breakfast? Watching all the terrific TV shows like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Hallmark understands how important cultivating those memories are, and that’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with them to tell you how they’re celebrating 50 years of Rudolph and his original television classic. And how they’re making Christmas merrier for those in need by partnering with Toys for Tots!

Did I mention that you have the chance to win a Rudolph Interactive Story Buddy and a set of Santa and Bumble itty bittys? You do! Check out the giveaway form at the end of this post!

Hallmark celebrates 50 years of Rudolph with Toys for Tots and a #giveaway on Home on Deranged @homeonderange #Hallmark #Rudolph #giftideas

When’s the last time you watched the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer television classic? Hopefully just last year. The magical origin story is a great reminder of how our differences make us special, and how those differences can change people’s lives.

There’s Santa, Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius, Clarice, the snow monster, Great Bumble of the North, and of course the delightful snowman narrator. Or how about the journey to the Island of Misfit Toys? That’s where Rudolph discovered being different wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, in was downright comforting.

Of course, the heart of the story is when Santa finds himself in great need on a foggy Christmas night, and Rudolph finally gets his chance to shine – full pun intended!

How Hallmark Celebrates

In this anniversary year, Hallmark has its Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Interactive Story Buddy. You get to hear Rudolph come to life as you read the key words aloud from his books, with a read-along CD. This is fantastic not only for the whimsy it provides, but also for new readers, who want to feel confident about their skills.

Hallmark celebrates 50 years of Rudolph with Toys for Tots and a #giveaway on Home on Deranged @homeonderange #Rudolph #Hallmark #giftideas

There’s the Rudolph 50th anniversary itty bittys Plush toys. If you haven’t been introduced to Hallmark’s itty bitty line, you are in for a treat. This set includes Santa and Bumble in tiny size, but there’s tiny plush versions of Rudolph and all his friends as well.

Hallmark celebrates 50 years of Rudolph with Toys for Tots and a #giveaway on Home on Deranged @homeonderange #Rudolph #giftideas

For tons of fun and hours of amusement with friends and family, there’s the Rudolph & Friends Pics ‘n Props Kit. Have you ever made a photo booth? Where you set up a small space and use props for pictures? Try it with this kit! Our kids loved getting to be Rudolph, while Thomas and I had fun being Bumble as well as Yukon Cornelius. The props will get you laughing at each other and at all the fun you’ll be having.

Hallmark celebrates 50 years of Rudolph with Toys for Tots and a #giveaway on Home on Deranged @homeonderange #Hallmark #Rudolph #giftideas

Hallmark and You: Giving for the Holidays

Have you ever wondered how you could give a little more during the holiday season? Hallmark is hoping to spread the cheer that Rudolph brings and to get you involved as well!

Hallmark has partnered with Toys for Tots this year, and here’s how you can make a difference:

  • “Buy a Buddy, Give a Buddy” – When you buy an Interactive Story Buddy at a Hallmark Gold Crown store, Hallmark will donate an Interactive Story Buddy to Toys for Tots.
  • Give big with itty bittys – Each time one of the Rudolph, Santa Claus, Clarice or Bumble itty bittys is purchased, Hallmark will donate $1 to Toy for Tots.

Woohoo! Create Christmas memories AND make a difference in someone else’s life. What a great season for giving! And now, we’re going to give back to you!

Rudolph Interactive Story Buddy and
Santa & Bumble itty bittys Giveaway!

For readers age 18+in the U.S., we are offering a giveaway of a Rudolph Interactive Story Buddy book set AND a set of Santa Claus and Bumble itty bittys! Enter the Giveaway Tools entry below and get ready to start your journey to adventure and learning!


We proudly and wholeheartedly endorses Hallmark for its Holiday Gift Guide! Cards and gifts for all the special occasions in your life!


Hot Holiday Gift Guide with Home on Deranged and The Noise of Boys #2014HotHolidayGifts @homeonderange @thenoiseofboys

 Check back daily!

The next #2014HOTHolidayGift Giveaway will be starting SOON!


Holiday Ready Hair Made EASY! KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler #review

I received the KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine and based on my experiences.

Once upon a time, I was a Cosmetologist.  Ah yes, it’s been a while, but I still love all things hair.  With two little boys, I don’t often have the opportunity to “talk” hair!  So I packed up the KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler and headed to my sister’s house!  There I had an audience, that included, my adorable nieces.  I was also able to try the curler on myself and my sister.

Kiss Automatic Curler

So here is what I liked. The curl.  It truly gives a “beachy” wave look. I liked, the ability to alter the curl direction with the touch of a button.  It heated fast and has a nice weight and quality to the device.

The curler looks intimidating, but after just a few minutes, I had the routine down and it achieved nice results.

There is a sound with the rotation of the barrel, but that is to be expected; It requires a motor to rotate the barrel. It wasn’t bothersome to me, for the amount of time, I used it.

It is worthy to note; the packaging, it was easy to open.  That was a first.  Curling Irons are always terribly difficult to remove from packaging. They also usually smell bad the first time, you heat them. This did not occur.

There were a few things, I missed, and experience difficulty with.

My hair is very layered and textured.  I had a terrible time trying to get the barrel to rotate at the top and crown- the most layered areas.  The longer, more even length, curled much easier. The use a thermal protectant and or styling spray will help with curl formation and hair pliability.

There is no “stand”, you know, something keep the barrel slightly angled upwards when you put it down? This made me nervous, as I know most people might use this in the bathroom sink area or on a bedroom vanity. It is built, so the barrel should not touch the surface, but I still would have liked to see that addition.

My sister has difficult to curl hair and the most we achieved with her hair was wavy volume, but in fairness she always has difficulty with curlers.

Bottom line: It is a good entry for KISS Products, into the “beauty tool” market. 

KISS Automatic Curler 2

KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler

KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler product details:

  • Fully automatic, tangle-free curler
  • Innovative design lets you curl from any position using either hand
  • Curl Dial makes it simple to switch between left and right curl directions
  • Ceramic Ionic Technology protects hair for healthy, shiny results
  • Two heat settings with maximum temperature of 420° F
  • Auto shutoff after 90 minutes for added safety
  • Patent Pending

Best Practices & Professional Tips from KISS!

  • Hold InstaWave vertically
  • Simply place section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod
  • Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair
  • Hold for 5-10 seconds, hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves
  • Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out

**Tip: Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls

KISS InstaWave

About KISS Products

A global leader in the nail care industry has recently expanded its line to include a vast array of beauty care products, including hair appliances. Aiming revolutionize the hair appliances industry by providing highly innovative, salon quality products at consumer friendly prices.

The KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler has a suggested retail price of $59.99


For the latest product innovations follow KISS Products on Facebook & Twitter
For KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler step-by-step video tutorials check out the KISS YouTube page


New baby parenting fears, now toddler-sized #True Tales

Happy Thursday friends! It’s time for The True Tales from the Pink & Blue Trenches a weekly series co-hosted by Melissa from Home on Deranged. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and at least in the mid-west we are in the midst of the polar plunge!  As I write this, today’s high is a mere 12 degrees. BRRR….  We typically choose our Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving, so I hope the weather warms a little!

pink&blue button

Since I am babysitting a VERY curious 9 month old boy until the first of the year, I am pretty nervous about the tree. I may only decorate the top of the tree and surround the bottom with a foam fence.

I know I had the same fears with each of my own children just a short time ago and that got me reminiscing about other, bigger fears- I had with them and how I felt about those same situations, now that they were now toddler and preschooler age.

In no order of priority MY BIGGEST new baby parenting fears were probably; Sleeping, medicines and choking. 

Parenting fears #1 Sleeping

You already know all the about the big sleep related fears, a new infant brings.I swaddled Hayden til he was over 6 months old. Folks are very divided on swaddling and how long you should do it.  Honestly, I probably should have weaned him much sooner. Toddlers I am not sure he even wanted to be swaddled that long and I may have unintentionally delayed some of his bedtime mobility. I kept him in his crib to not encourage a co-sleeping habit.  I also was adamant on using a pacifier.  Which I am still glad I did, but since he couldn’t move and was a pacifier addict guess who got to retrieve the fallen pacifier?  Yep; mom and dad. All night long. He was my first baby and the monitor was turned up so loud we could hear every precious breath. I was mama nighthawk.

Henry, I tried to breastfeed for about 6 weeks and we pretty much co-slept or he was kept very close by. My preference on co-sleeping had not changed.  I had just entered survival sleep mode. Henry also used a pacifier, but he was definitely beyond irritated by swaddling. Once I moved him into the crib- I dressed him warmly (of course,not TOO warm) and kept his crib free of bumpers, toys and blankets. I had eased up on the monitor, mostly because I could hear him.  They neighbors could hear him.

Sleeping- preschool age- Hayden:  We had no problems weaning the pacifier at 13 months and moving to a toddler bed at 18 months.  However around his brother’s arrival he began to sleep on the sofa outside my room.  I fear he will never sleep through the night solidly.  Two years later he still wakes and moves on to sofa.

Sleeping- toddler age- Henry:  Henry did not sleep through the night until 9 months old.  He consumed full bottles through the night. Oh it was rough.  Since his brother, was usually on the sofa, I would just sleep in his bed (they share a room, or are suppose to).  The pacifier was gone at 13 months, without event.  We transitioned to toddler bed at around 2 years for his own safety, and I was so scared of his curious nature being a problem.  Knock on wood, once asleep, he stays asleep. Whew! However, he will not allow a blanket or pillow to even touch him. With nights growing colder, Henry being cold, plagues my thoughts.

So for now my parenting fears concerning sleep are far less extreme than that of infancy. I suspect in the future, having two teenage boys might bring a different set of sleep related fears for mom.

Apparently, we just won’t sleep again in this house.

Parental fear #2- Medicines

Parenting fears: Infant: Clear difference here with my children’s age and my experience.  With both boys, under the age of two years, I would see or speak with a doctor before I gave them anything besides infant Tylenol

There were nights with I slept up-right, on the sofa, holding Hayden so he had better respiratory flow. I was nervous to use humidifiers (fire)  and vapors (not sure why).

On a rare occasion, our pediatrician may have directed us to use a medicine. However he always gave me the dosing instructions.  I would re-read instruction eight times before administering.  I was absolutely paranoid to give medicine to my sons. Especially, when Henry required a small dose children’s Benedryl. I was paranoid bordering on temporarily insane with worry.

Vaccines should/could be a separate post, but we opted to provide all vaccines. Except optional or seasonal vaccines for Henry. The flu vaccine contains eggs and it is an allergy concern.

Parenting fears:Toddler: Henry would have a child-proof cap figured out in seconds. So the opportunity to worry, still exists, but I feel okay providing medicines for occasional general pain. Yet I still read dosage information with a care level most would reserve for high alert situations.  Even though. I am confident I have them all memorized.

Parenting fears- Preschool: I trust Hayden to let me know if he feels ill and I know he would ask for help.

Parental fear #3 Choking

Again, I improved with experience.  I was so uptight with my first child, I should have just chewed his food for him.  No, not really… but close.  His transition to table food was awful, but some of it is suspected to be sensory issue related. I am confident my preschooler is able to chew any bits that might accidentally make there way, in his mouth.

Henry entered toddler years stealing food from his brother.  I don’t so much worry about choking… as I do allergies, with him.  He is apt, able and confident connoisseur of food.100_5041

Of course, I recommend all parenting classes and following all updates concerning CPR, first aid… However I believe I have relaxed some from those early parenting days!

Of course these are some of the bigger parenting fears you might encounter when a little one enters your life- especially the first child. The level at which, you worry probably depends on how much you read the news and internet. Or like myself, live with, general anxiety.

Sometimes these fears temporarily resurface;as you chase a curious, crawling 9 month old and get ready to put up your tree. However I am now prepared and ready to focus on smaller everyday worries….like if Henry will flush something down my toilet or will the UPS guy ring the doorbell during nap-time.  Maybe it is experience, or maybe it is a brief reprieve until the teen years.

Share some of your new parent experiences or memories with us!




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